Counseling Staff

Professional School  Counselors

Counselors, emails and phone numbers are listed below. 

Christy Blaney (A-Co) Ph: 874-3423

Leigh Weatherspoon (Cr-He) Ph: 874-3422

Janelle Koerner (Hi-Mc) Ph: 874-3810

Kelly Tovar (Me-Sa) Ph: 874-3425

Cole Giannola (Sc-Z) Ph: 874-3424

Lauren Carpenter A+ Coordinator & Instructional Intervention

Student Support Center Staff

Staff and emails are listed below.

Kiersten White - Student & Community Resource Specialist

Stacy Hedrick - Licensed Professional Counselor 

Camille Seever, Registrar

 Anita Buchanan - A+ Secretary

Samantha Kuykendall - Counseling Secretary